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More than Music 
DVD & Activity Book

'Wow! This book was so much fun! It took learning from the page, to the computer and then into the home. We loved searching the house for 'drums' and using our imaginations to answer the question in different ways. We played our new instruments like Manu and danced around the lounge laughing with joy. Awesome.' 

'Watching Charlotte learn as she completed the activities was fascinating, especially with the help of the learning objectives outlined at the beginning. This enabled me to layer her learning appropriately, and guide her appropriately as her confidence developed. She developed her independence with the stickers and often demanded to do the next activity as soon as we had finished the previous one! The combination of music and movement caught her attention and held her concentration in way ordinary sticker books have not. It was lovely to see her focussed on a task and following it through to completion.

I really love this and so does my 4-year-old daughter   and we've still got lots of mileage out of the book to go!’ 

Jenny (parent)


Just lovely! The kids really enjoyed watching the DVD … (over and over, Katelyn, in particular). The colours are great, and the happy faces on the animals make it a lovely little programme to watch, good exercise, learning co-ordination, and so much more.

Katelyn, after watching this a couple of times had the actions going along with it and Jake (16 mths) had a bit of a jiggle happening while quite focused on watching it the 1st 2 times.

Realizing it reads 2-3 but I do think it’s suitable to 4 yr olds too (as Katelyn will be 4 in a couple of weeks and would enjoy this for some time!). She loves working through the Activity Book, and completing each activity with the great stickers, giving her a real sense of achievement.

I would certainly be pleased for my children to watch, progress, and learn from these DVDs and Activity books anytime!

All the best, looks like you’ve got a hit

Karen (parent)


My grandchildren all love the Manu DVD and Activity Book, and all now have their own copy, thank you for sending my repeat orders out so quickly! I'd be your first customer for more like it. Are there any more coming?

Chris (grandparent)


Magic! Giant’s Breakfast is a huge hit with Amy. She plays it over and over again, reading the story and stomping around in role play, pretending to be the giant. Her older brother even joins in with her as they travel off to their wonderful land of giants.

Melissa (parent)