From Parents

Our daughter Molly has a weak left side after a childhood stroke. The benefits she gains from the Kids Music Company’s holistic music programme help her to build strength and coordination across both sides of her body, which is an obvious benefit for Molly, but is also essential for all children. 

While the company is called ‘kids music’ the class that Molly attends for an hour a week is much more than a music class. It is an whole hour of movement and physical activity. 

It provides her with the opportunity to sing, dance, move, jump, clap, etc all which are hugely beneficial for her gross-motor skills and strengthening of her left side. This is also great for developing her core strength, balance, and coordination. All things that Molly finds challenging. 

It also provides her with the opportunity to learn in a group environment, which offers development of a different skill set, including team building/team work, sharing, listening, turn taking, waiting, and other social skills which Molly needs more practice with and exposure to.  

Along with the above benefits, it provides Molly the opportunity to do bilateral fine-motor skill activities like playing small instruments and holding drum sticks and xylophone sticks. This also exposes her to different sounds, rhythms, and movements. All hugely beneficial to her brain development. 

Meg Smith - Parent


You will be so pleased to know the early start in life with music has stood them well. They still LOVE music. At 10 ½ now, Seamus sat grade 4 saxophone last November and received High Distinction. He recently soloed with the School concert Band. He has been busking for a few years now - he'd wanted to do it since he was 3. This year he's in the MSO artplay children's ensemble, performing with Melbourne Symphony Orchestra players, which he auditioned for. He's also playing piano but more for fun. Hugo plays trumpet - and with those lungs makes an excellent sound - and violin at school. He seems to take naturally to any instrument he's tried!. They both sing in Young Voices of Melbourne and their soprano voices have developed beautifully. This year Seamus won a music scholarship for all his schooling at school.

Jackie True - Parent


I wanted to congratulate you on your excellent kids music CD's. A while ago I purchased Echo Fred and Feeling the Beat from you. I have 20month old twins and we all thoroughly enjoying dancing and clapping to the music. I am deaf and wear hearing aids and understanding words in music is something I struggle with, but the diction is fabulous and the words are not drowned out by the music. My twin son is deaf in one ear, and he gets much enjoyment from your CD's too. A truly wonderful products that we are getting countless hours of enjoyment from. Many thanks to Wendy and Janet, and I assume your children!

Felicity Buche


Xavier, our 4 year old son, has been attending music lessons with KMC for over two years now. He has gained a practical grounding in music and looks forward to his weekly classes with Janet Channon, his favourite teacher.We have been impressed with how interesting and enjoyable the music is for children, as it is targeted to Kiwi kids. We were also impressed with the numerous international awards KMC has won. Furthermore, the classes are full of fun - the children also learn singing, dancing and have their first interaction with instruments. Xavier will definitely be carrying on his musical training with KMC.

Jack Yin


I never had the opportunity to learn music as a child and although it has been my profession for many years, I know now that I never realised the wonderful benefits children receive. Not only do they learn and experience so much, as my four year old has, but also as my seven year old has shown me, he can stand within a group or alone, and perform not only for his enjoyment but his own. Congratulations Janet and Wendy. You put your heart into giving all of our children your own special brand of music, and it really shows.

Tina Cross
Mother and Entertainer


I've always been impressed by Janet and Wendy's commitment to personal professional development and to providing programmes with a sound educational basis. This, combined with their skilled delivery and understanding of children's needs and interests, makes Kids Music Company a winner.

Shirley Harvey Mother
Co-writer NZ Music Handbook Jr School, Lecturer Auckland College of Education, Past President Society for Music, Auckland


Janet and Wendy present a very professional programme which covers many early learning skills, and gives the children an excellent understanding of the fundamentals of music. Their teaching methods are continually being evaluated and new approaches to early childhood music education incorporated. They have the ability to make all their students feel special, and their learning fun. The children respond with genuine enthusiasm.

Heather Lister
Teacher and Mother


I can give no better recommendation than my daughter's continuous requests to "Do Janet's songs" and "I want it to be music day today", a time we look forward to when we both learn.

Karen Patterson
Childcare Centre Advisor and Mother


Thank you for such wonderful music classes! Neither my husband, nor I, have ever had any involvement in playing an instrument so when we wanted to get Amy started in music, we were clueless on what to do. A friend recommended the level 7 classes at KMC as a great place to try new instruments and find ones feet musically. This has been the best exposure we could ever have hoped to give Amy, and has given her an opportunity to see what she likes playing. She loves your classes and talks about it often at home and with her friends.

Level 7 child


Thanks again for all that love, light, energy and supreme musical talent you pour into our kiddies - we are all so lucky!!! So many more children need to enjoy your brilliant music....

Michaela Sangl

We have loved coming to your music classes. KMC is a really high quality program, far exceeding levels of other classes (not necessarily music) in all areas. You and all your staff have real talent for working with children, and our daughter has learned so much. It's amazing to see how you incorporate academic learning through teaching music, and vice versa.

Donna Stapleton
Parent, KMC Classes


Thank you for the superb standard of the music lessons you give to Emilie (and all the others in her class). Emilie loves the music and it has been very rewarding watching her gain in confidence and musical ability in your classes. I really like the way you place emphasis on 'fun' as well as 'education' and I can see that the children really respond to your personality and experience. I  loved your concert - as did Emilie (I've never seen her so focused) - and I am really looking forward to watching her grow through the next stages. Thank you so much - I really wanted to find something like this for her and you have exceeded my expectations! (My husband would also like to thank you for developing children's songs that adults can enjoy and sing along with too - we're all happy listening to your CD's in the car!)

(Mum of 2 year old) Parent, KMC Classes