On Workshops & Classes

We have a few children in the Preschool room who tend to be a little bit shy at times. By having music sessions with Janet every Friday these children have become more familiar with a new person and appear to have started enjoying this time. Their confidence has been shown through their participation in the sessions (although they still have their shy moments sometimes), and also through their enjoyment and participation during small and large group activities outside of music time. I believe their growing confidence has been partly thanks to these sessions, and one of the more reserved children even got up on stage and danced in front of 100's of people recently!


Preschool Teacher, Auckland


The language that Janet uses with the children is very beneficial in their learning and it adds to their vocabulary. They have better understanding about positions and what new words mean as there is normally an action that accompanies them, making it easy to remember. Children with English as their second language have gained hugely from these lessons with Janet. Their vocabulary had been extended, they can follow instructions better and they are gaining more in concentration and actively participating in music. We find that the preschool children are keen to participate more in our mat time and enjoy saying and doing actions to each of her songs. The variety of songs that Janet teaches the children are great as she introduce new songs and repeats others but delivers them differently making these songs exciting and requiring children to use different parts of their bodies. Teachers have also benefited by learning how to deliver music differently to children, instead of just using the obvious actions to songs we have learnt to explore doing the actions differently or introducing new objects/things to work with.


Preschool Teacher, Auckland


Janet is a music education specialist. Every Friday our children are involved and are active participants. They feel valued and confident to contribute their ideas. All of the children learn a lot through fun music activities. I also enjoy the music time with Janet, each time she gives me some fresh ideas and this helps my planning.


Preschool Teacher, Auckland


We too have had "less confident" children enjoying the sessions. Our children are a younger group and some would have had little exposure to group sessions of music. The use of "props" gives the children the opportunity to interact and brings a "fun element" to these sessions. Being able to predict we are having music on a weekly basis enables some of the children to think about it, (and talk about it), beforehand.


Preschool Teacher, Auckland


The children are always looking forward to Janet's music sessions -- whenever it's Friday they call it a "Janet day". Janet uses very clear instructions and even children who are finding it difficult to concentrate are following instructions, participating well and seem to enjoy the sessions very much. A few of the shy or less confident children seem to be totally different individuals during music sessions too, participating confidently and happily. It also helps us as teachers to see where these children are at, especially in terms of participating in a group as well as fine and gross motor development from the various movements during music sessions. Children are also learning new vocabulary every time and sometimes as I am teaching they tend to relate these words they remember from Janet's class. For example, a child said 'C' is 'just like the arch'.


Preschool Teacher, Auckland


As an early childhood teacher in New Zealand, originally from China, our children learn a lot from Janet's music sessions. Janet is a creative, passionate and fun music teacher. She understands the different stages of child development. Our children enjoy the music sessions with her. Her music inspires our young learners and their holistic learning skills have benefited from her music programme.

I hope Janet's music programme will be introduced to China and other countries. More and more children can get the benefits out of her music programme.

Hongming Shen
Preschool Teacher, Auckland


The workshop we attended provided insights and information about the links between brain development, physiological development and music and movement that were such a complement to the work we have already begun in class and gave us rich musical experiences to enhance the students understanding in a friendly warm and relaxed environment.

Janet is an excellent facilitator, who shared her wealth of materials, resources, knowledge, understanding, experiences and enthusiasm for music with young children in such a warm and open manner.

My students were inspired by her vast range of original songs that she and Wendy have composed and recorded that cover a vast spectrum of daily experiences for children in exciting and fun ways. Combining wonderful resources, percussion instruments and toys to add more interest and meaning gave students opportunities to extend their own portfolios plus have the option of purchasing some of the outstanding resources that KMC have for sale. The music KMC have produced is a vital part of our class room learning and is such a strong link to the New Zealand culture and children's lives that it has become an integral part of the Music content of my papers.

Nicky de Lautour, Lecturer
School of Education, Auckland University of Technology.


"Lessons based on Kids Music Company material are always successful. The songs and activities are user friendly and the children easily relate to the subject matter. The lessons reflect the Orff philosophy covering speech, rhyme, movement, body percussion, playing untuned and tuned percussion instruments. The original material is fresh, exciting and the children enjoy the humor. On A High Note I and II have given my choirs hours of fun and singing which was also enjoyed by audiences of staff and parents. The Kids Music Company series provides a solid base for several years of music teaching."

Jocelyn Lowinger, Music Specialist
ELC Bialik College, Melbourne, Australia.


"The best workshop I have been to in years. I was delighted with it. It was informative, fun and most of all hands on and I was inspired by the new resources."

Kindergarten Teachers
Hutt-Wairarapa Kindergarten Association, NZ.


"Wendy and Janet have a wealth of successful music education experience in both school and community settings. Their refreshing personalities, quality resources and total commitment to sharing their approach have proven to greatly enhance music learning for others."

Linda Webb, Music Educator
Christchurch College of Education, NZ. President NZSME
(NZ Soc Music Education)


"Professional + Practical = Perfect"
Prepare yourself to be enthused and inspired! Wendy and Janet's love of music and wonderful resources will lift your spirit and your music programme. The children and staff at Pinehill School, from year 1 to year 6, are jumping and jiving, singing and stomping to the "KMC" beat."

Martin Vanderhoorn, Deputy Principal
Pinehill School, Auckland, NZ.


"As the only fully academic school of the arts in New Zealand, I cannot stress enough the importance of starting the appreciation and understanding of music at the earliest age possible. The confidence and overall outlook of the child is increased 10-fold. This then ripples over into all of their education. Kids Music Company has successfully done this for years, with great results."

David Selfe, Principal
Corelli School


"Kids Music Company has produced a number of excellent resources for young children and those in primary schools. This material is fresh and original containing activities that motivate children to say, sing, move, dance, play and improvise. Their workshops are enthusiastically presented and are filled with fun for everyone."

Susie Davies-Splitter
Two Up Music Education, Melbourne, Australia.


I have taught music in the Nelson region for 12 years. Kids Music Company resources are the best I have used. Kids love the songs and the instrumental ideas are excellent. I thoroughly recommend them."

Eleanor Clenshaw, Preschool Music Teacher
Nelson School of Music, NZ


"We find the Kids Music Company workshops are motivating and practical; a great way for our staff to learn new songs and routines. We always come away with fresh ideas for our music and movement sessions. Most exhilarating."

Brenda Jenkinson, Owner
Paddington Station Preschool, Auckland, NZ


"My classes really enjoy your ‘On A High Note’ CDs. All the 5 year olds join in, clapping and singing. The year 6-8 children anticipate me picking up the CD and cheer when the transparencies go on the OHP! If a non-musical person like me gets a cheer at singing, the resource I'm using must be good. Can't wait for number 3."

John Laing, Principal
Hampden School, North Otago, NZ